Throw away your inspirational quotes screen saver, if you want to be truly inspired install the Showerthoughts screensaver.

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Installation Instructions

  1. Click the download link above

  2. Unzip the downloaded file

  3. Double click the Showerthoughts.saver file

  4. Click "Install"



What macOS versions are supported?

10.13 and greater

Why does the screen saver System Preferences preview display "You cannot use the X screen saver with this version of macOS"?

This is a bug in macOS. Just ignore the error, close System Preferences and everything will work as expected.

What is a Showerthought?

Read this.

Is this the official r/Showerthoughts Screensaver?


This is awesome, how can I buy you a coffee?

£££ - http://monzo.me/reddavis

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