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App Development

I've worked with startups all over the world helping them ship amazing apps that are beautiful and easy to use. I help clients take their ideas and turn them into shipped products. You can view a few of my projects here.

If your product requires more than iOS development, for example; design, backend development, or a website, I can put a team of some of the best freelancers together and project manage the release.

App development pricing starts at £10,000.


Once your project is finished you won't be left alone. I prefer to build a long term relationship with my clients and continue to help them develop and perfect their product or assist them in hiring an in-house team. 

I offer a number of standard retainer products but everyone's needs are different so if you see nothing that meets your requirements just give me a shout and we can put together a bespoke plan for you.

All retainers include a short monthly report detailing; results, issues and suggestions.


The maintenance retainer is perfect to ensure your product continues to run smoothly. It will ensure any new security patches are applied, frameworks are updated, showstopper bugs are fixed, new iOS versions are supported and any updated App Store rules are adhered to.

£2500/month with minimum 3 month contract


£2000/month with 12 month contract (20% discount)


The optimise retainer works perfectly for a recently shipped product. With customer feedback, experimentation and even A/B testing we can fine tune your app's key feature and as a result improve your key metrics. Whether that's ordering a pizza, booking a hotel or designing and buying custom gift cards.

£5000/month with minimum 3 month contract