Togethera's mission was to bring families closer together and inspire lasting memories in a safe and private way. Before Togethera, there was no suitable solution that was accessible for all family members across all ages.

Togethera initially had a cross platform app that was lacking the polish it and it's users deserved. When rebuilding the app natively, we focused on creating an experience that encourage the users to share more content with their families by providing the users with a real sense of delight when using the app.

  • Featured multiple by Apple
  • Received investment from many high profile investors
  • Downloaded and loved by hundreds of thousands of users
  • Featured by Techcrunch, Wired, Gizmodo, O2 and many more
Super easy to use, simple interface, grandparents love it, best way to share pics privately without posting to the whole world!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
— Kbcardin82
My family is really close but we all live really far away from each other now! This app has been the perfect way to stay close.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
— Vester+70

Upshot wanted to remove the friction for people to share photos with their friends during a night out. The focus was to encourage users to share their photos so we developed a unique system that allowed the user to "stream" their camera roll to their friends just by using the normal iOS camera app.

  • Featured multiple times by Apple alongside apps such as Instagram and Snapchat
  • Hundreds of thousands photos; shared, liked and remixed
  • Featured in Techcrunch
Really easy to use, proven to be great on a night out with friends. Worth a download for sure!

— PhoebeIJ
I downloaded this app recently and absolutely love it!

— HazzaD333

I worked with the Fitstar team to help them with the release of Fitstar 2.0.

I’ve tried several workout apps and this one is best designed for those who are getting back in to working out. I have no doubt that I’ll be using this app the most.

— Sandpaper Doll
Best fitness app! Using for only four days and i really feel the diference!

— RaphaCortes
By far, the best fitness app. Especially for beginners, a lot of flexibility with the app, and it helps you push yourself to the next level.

— FamousRob30

The Straightline app allows those recently released from prison to gain access to the Prison Radio Association’s award winning radio content and videos. The app was built in Swift and boasts its own custom audio and video player. 

Quids is a macOS Monzo client that I am building with Hector. It is currently in private beta, you can signup here.

Foodily is a service that lets people create and share their recipes. I worked with Joe Ricioppo to build the Foodily iPad app.

Stand is a simple macOS app to remind you to stand every hour. 

Kibako is a macOS file sharing app that I built with Nick. It connects to the users Dropbox or Amazon S3 account to store the files.

Voicemail+ was a visual voicemail iOS app Hector and I built.