iOS Simulator Scroller

Scroll Freely

The iOS Simulator Scroller enables you to use your mouse wheel to scroll the iOS Simulator.

How Does it Work?

The iOS Simulator Scroller uses the accessibility framework to simulate the dragging motion of your mouse on the simulator when you scroll.



    This would have saved my wrist when developing the Settings app
    — Scott Forstall
    — Jony Ive

    Coming Soon

    • Watch Simulator support
    • Horizontal scroll


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    When Doesn't It Work?

    If you're using a simulator that is larger than your screen, the simulator will have a scroll view so that you can move around the whole device. Currently the iOS Simulator Scroll doesn't handle this very well. I'm hoping to find an awesome solution soon.

    It's Not Scrolling! 😡

    Please make sure the iOS Simulator Scroller app has been added to the list of apps that have access to accessibility. You can find this by going to:

    1. System Preferences
    2. Security & Privacy
    3. Privacy
    4. Accessibility

    It should look like this: