How it Works

Email me. Tell me about your idea, your aims, goals and aspirations and any details you have about timeline and budget.

I’ll get back to you super quick and we can get started.

What I Do

I've worked with startups all over the world helping them ship amazing apps that are beautiful and easy to use. I help clients take their ideas and turn them into shipped products. You can view a few of the projects I have worked on here.

If your product requires more than iOS development, for example; design, backend development, or a website, I can put a team together and project manage the release.


Q: What kind of clients do you prefer?

A: I’ve worked with tiny startups and Fortune 500’s. I’m looking for clients who really believe in their product, are great communicators and really want to build something amazing together.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost of a project can range from £10,000 to £100,000+, it greatly depends on the size and complexity of the project. To give you a very rough idea, a small project will be around £15,000, a medium project will be around £40,000 and a larger project £70,000+.

Q: Do you work for a fixed price?

A: Yes! If it works for the type of project then this is actually how I prefer to work. That way there’s no surprises for anyone.

Q: Do you work for equity?

A: I never work for just equity however if the stars align correctly I do do part equity and part cash projects.

Q: What happens after the project is finished?

A: Once your project is finished you won't be left alone. I prefer to build a long term relationship with my clients and continue to help them develop and perfect their product or assist them in hiring an in-house team. 

All retainers include a short monthly report detailing; results, issues and suggestions.