Getting started is easy, just send me an email with some details about your project.

Contracting Guidelines

I'm only interested in remote work. I do my best work when working from my own office in Bath. I am always available via email.

My day rate is £700 (plus VAT if applicable).

I only work on one project at a time.

    I invoice every 2 weeks and all invoices are expected to be paid within 7 days. The first week is paid upfront as a deposit.


    Once a project is complete, I offer a retainer service:

    • Discount of 20% (£560 plus VAT if applicable)
    • Fixed number of days per month.
    • Days are paid for in advance on the first day of the month
    • Days can be rolled over for one month.

    Working For Equity

    I generally do not work on projects for equity. I never work only for equity. If equity is an option you must:

    • Equity amount is based on the discount. For example, if I give a discount of £10,000, then in exchange I receive £10,000 in equity.
    • Provide any financial and business details I require
    • Pay all costs (e.g. legal)