Daily Standups

I’m a big fan of daily standups. Not the annoying let’s have a call/stand in a circle ones, but the low friction, doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in standup’s. They let you set targets for your day, reflect on yesterday and keep your team in the loop about how things are going and if you are blocked on anything. Not to get all motivational and shit, but there is a reason behind why well accomplished individuals swear by setting one or two major goals for the day.

Even if you work by yourself it’s worth trying out. Developers are known for being terrible at estimating the time it takes to complete tasks. This is a good way to actually see what you got done yesterday and helps you adjust your own internal estimating system.

My Standup Template


  • a - (link to ticket)
  • b - (link to ticket)
  • c - (link to ticket)


  • 1 - (link to ticket)
  • 2 - (link to ticket)


  • Name A - (link to ticket)
  • Name B - (link to ticket)