me - taken by  Amy

me - taken by Amy

I'm a freelance iOS and macOS developer based in Bath, UK. I have worked and freelanced for companies all around the world and have also run my own agency here in Bath. If you want to see some of the cool projects I've worked on you can take a look at my portfolio.

For me, it all started almost 11 years ago during the Web 2.0 era. It was all about aggregation, social, stupid company names and crazy high valuations. I guess not too much has changed. Back then, I watched a show called Diggnation. In the early days of the show, the hosts used to drink beer and give a short review of it. My first ever project was a Ruby on Rails app that documented all the reviews and let the user search by beers, episodes or ratings.

I kept programming, failed school and got my first job as a Rails developer at Do The Green Thing. I'm eternally grateful to James Smith and the rest of the DTGT team for that opportunity.

Later on I worked with some great companies like Railslove140Proof and also did quite a bit of work with machine learning, before it was cool.

From there I started Riot, a small agency, with Hector and Elliott. Here I started to learn Objective-C and iOS development. The first app I ever created was an internal app called Showreel. Looking back, Showreel was a pretty ambitious first app but with help and advice from Joe Ricioppo, we managed to pull it off. Showreel was featured by The Next Web, Beautiful Pixels and App Advice

Next, I joined the team at Togethera where I built V2 of the iPhone and iPad app from the ground up. We were also one of the first apps in the UK to have a watchOS app and I'm pretty sure the first watchOS app to display "video". We also built a product called Upshot, which made sharing Photos with friends while at an event or a party really easy. It was my first app built purely in Swift. Upshot allowed the user to use the phones normal camera app and it would automagically upload the photos and videos for them, no need to open Upshot! Our work was featured numerous times by Apple and many others.