An iOS app for all your business payments

Symple wants to change the way companies interact and pay each other by bringing simplicity and beautiful design to a dreary, paper based industry. Symple wanted an iPhone app that allowed their customers to manage their invoices and business relationships on the go.

Pay with a swipe and a tap

On Symple, paying an invoice is as simple as a swipe and a tap; no need to even touch a banking website. Once logged in, the user is presented with an easily digestible list of open invoices. Throughout the app, receivables are colour coded blue and payables green. From here they can pay, view more details or use the powerful filters.

Get paid

Creating an invoice is frictionless. Depending on the number of zeros the invoice has, the user can create one in 3 easy taps. Paying the invoice is just as easy, the customer just taps the “Pay” button.


On Symple, companies can partner with and invite other companies. Partners can view payment analytics between themselves. Companies can design their profiles with banner and avatar images and update their location details.