Mobile First Delivery Management for Distributors

I previously worked with Symple on their payments app which helped vendors and customers create invoices and make payments. The next product from Symple is Logistics.

Symple Logistics is a brand new take on the dated and expensive industry of dispatching and logistics.

Route management

Using the web app, controllers can design and assign routes to their workforce of drivers using static or dynamic routing.

Realtime updates are sent to both the web and iOS app so everyone is kept on the same page. The driver’s location is updated in realtime providing the controller and customers with up-to date ETA’s.


Drivers and controllers can troubleshoot delivery issues, share delivery updates and receive the latest traffic information using the intuitive chat feature. Conversations are organised by customer along with a global company “water cooler”.

Designed for function

By using simple gestures, strong contrasting colours and conveniently large tap areas we designed the interactions of the app to feel natural when the phone is being held in a dock. The user’s flow through the app was re-thought and tweaked multiple times to provide the most functionality with the least number of actions while still keeping navigational clarity to ensure the user never felt lost.