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I was originally contracted by Plum at the start of 2019 to build the first version of their iOS app. I loved the product and working with the team, this naturally evolved into me joining full time.

Since launching Plum on iOS in April 2019 we’ve gone on to release our Android app, reach 1 million customers, raise $17.5 million, grow our mobile team to 8 and help many of our customers become better off and more financially savvy.

Symple Logistics

Symple Logistics is a brand new take on the dated and expensive industry of dispatching and logistics.


Part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 batch, Symple is a business to business invoice and payment platform.


A secure, automatic crypto portfolio tracker for iOS & macOS.


Togethera’s mission was to bring families closer together and inspire lasting memories in a private and secure way.


A real time, fun, photo sharing iOS app.


A fitness iOS app purchased by Fitbit.

Side Projects


Stocks in your pocket.


Wilt is What I’m Listening To for Slack. Once downloaded and authorised with Slack; Wilt will update your Slack status with the track you’re currently listening to on Spotify.

Stand app

Make standing up a habit.

Stand’s a little app we built to send you a notification every hour to do just that, right on your Mac.

Shower Thoughts

macOS screensaver based of Reddit’s /r/Showerthoughts.


xPal is a small macOS app that takes the artboards from a page in Sketch and generates an asset catalog for your Xcode project that contains all the colors named and grouped appropriately.


Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your Mac. View every one of your transactions across multiple wallets, send & receive, buy & sell, exchange and more, all from within a native desktop experience.

Open source


Papyrus aims to hit the sweet spot between saving raw API responses to the file system and a fully fledged database like Realm.


Kyu is a stupidly simple, persistent, queue system in Swift.